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“ I would recommend them to anyone who wants a fabulous band at their wedding.  My EVERY song request was played. The energy was incredible and the band really impressed me even more live than their videos.  My heart was full of true happiness!  I can't imagine having any other band for my wedding day!  -

Thanks Tayo!”


Gin Creek Plantation

ShaI had to pleasure of having Simply Tayo perform at my wedding and they were EVERYTHING I had ever dreamed of and more! They were so professional and made the night run so smoothly! Tayo is a joy to work with and she made my life as a bride so much easier. Her and her band were so interactive with the wedding guests and played such a wide variety of music! I can't even count how many compliments we got from our wedding guests about them. They were WELL worth the money and I know they will continue to make many more brides' (and grooms') dreams come true!!



I have been to many weddings in the past 15-20 years of my life and this was one of the most important things in my budget. Hands down The Tayo Reed band was the best band ever. They were the most professional, flexible, excellent communication and exceptional service I have received to date. I would recommend The Tayo Reed Band to any bride or groom looking to make their most important day the best ever!


Atlanta, GA

“ AMAZING! The band played a wide variety of

songs and offered to learn anything for our event. They were all fabulous performers and made sure to make the musical performance interactive with the guests. I've been to many events, and

Tayo Reed Band was by far the best!! 


Nashville, TN

“ I was blown away!!  I was so impressed with all their dance moves! I had the best time. My wife and I danced to almost every song. Thumps up! Tayo. You are incredible!"


Debutante Ball

"Hey Tayo! Just wanted to let you know how GREAT ya'll were and how much everyone around here is talking about you and your band! All of the kids said ya'll were the best band they had ever seen and it was the best party of the summer!  The parents have been saying the same thing. I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and how wonderful you were to work with. My only regret is that I was not able to be in the ballroom to watch you more. ! I will send you some pictures that my daughter, Sarah Scott, took when I can get hold of her phone. They are awesome! Some are of she and a friend up on the stage with you!:)  Wish I had seen that! Be prepared to be getting a call from either Tammy R. or Greg P. from the Coral Bay Club in Atlantic Beach, NC to book ya'll up for next summer. I have already called them and said we need to get ya'll now!! I have a feeling that ya'll are getting ready to be even more popular! Again, thank you so much for being the reason our State Deb Party was so successful. Ya'll are unbelievable and I am so thankful you could be there for us!"


Ocala, FL

"Tayo is beyond fabulous and truly knows how to throw an outstanding time! Along with her band members, she displayed beautiful charisma, respect, professionalism, and good energy! My wedding was the best our town has seen in quite some time thanks to the SIMPLY TAYO BAND!


As the Bride she made me feel so special and at one point I got to go dance a solo on stage ......it was awesome! AND might I add her two male singers were quite charming and never stopped singing, moving, and smiling! MO-TOWN at its finest!!


I look forward to throwing another event where I can use them again because I loved them so much!!!! HIGHLY recommend them!!! TAYO THANK YOU!!!! "



-Talent Buyer

"Beyond amazing!

Look no further!"


“ You and your band are great!! I heard many positive comments from our group about the show.From a planning perspective, I LOVED the level of communication that you initiated prior to the event. With many bands, you pay the deposit and you don’t hear anything else until the day of the event. And most importantly, you were very receptive to our submitting a suggested song list. And amazingly, you played what we asked you to play. Frankly, I feel like most bands completely ignore the song list and other direction about song choices. The level of energy that you and your band members gave to the event for a solid 3 hours was truly unbelievable. Many other bands who play 3 hour sets use some filler and give the leads more of a break. Y’all “brought it” for the entire 3 hours!! I am confident that I will book your band again!! You are a true professional “Thanks for everything,”

“We searched for many bands and none of them compared to the Universal Bands outstanding performance and showmanship. There are no limits to what they can do. I loved the dancers. The singers all had great voices. The music played had every one dancing. See you next year! Tayo Reed. We loved the Super Show. We were very happy we upgraded”​


—Greg Peacock,WARD & SMITH PA  Attorney at Law



                   - Forbes 500 Company

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