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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main benefits of booking my entertainment through a legitimate agency?

A reputable booking agent, first and foremost simplify matters drastically when it comes to time consumption, saving money and variety of performers you’d otherwise have to look up yourself for hours online. Another matter you don’t need to worry about when booking with an professional agent is the fact that you are covered for all eventualities concerning a musical act. You can certainly also rely on the quality of bands we represent as all are hand picked and worked with on a personal level. You are guaranteed seasoned musicians and singers even if some band members are different, professional agencies are known for having a roster of the best performers in the country or a data base of skilled experts that can join together to provide world class entertainment beyond great. Your wedding day details, all your questions, and additional requests are priorities, noted and immediately accommodated. Browsing the internet you can find booking agencies easily. Here's what to look for when searching legitimate booking agencies: 1. Wedding band entertainment promotional videos. 2. Informative and detailed specifics about services and options. 3. Reviews and Testimonials if not listed on website can be Googled. 4. Resources, suggestions, and options can be provided. 5. Credentials can also be provided but not required in the state of Georgia. 6. Will have a roster of quality professional bands to select from. The number of bands on an agency roster and years in business is not the most important factors to consider. Your decision is the most significant. If you love the band on an agency roster book that band immediately without hestitation. You do not want to be disappointed if you call back and the band you loved is no longer available. This happens often with diversified working bands that can be booked for any type of events in our entertainment industry.

Are booking fees more expensive? Do I save booking a band direct?

You want agencies to be honest with you. This is the truth with no misconceptions. We are able to offer you the lowest and a much better price with suggestions and additional options to meet your ideal budget for any of our quality exclusive entertainment. We also have more buying power to offer less booking fees than booking a band direct with individuals that may not be familiar with wedding bands appropriate pricing. This is also true for other booking agencies unlike our services, an agent most likely isn’t going to offer their most affordable entertainment acts upfront. They are in the business to make money, and that money comes from a 15-30% commission on booking an event or wedding. Some agents are also “band owners”, and that can drive commission prices into the 70% range. So of course an agent wants you to book the most expensive band or the band they own. In some cases when all the top bands are booked you are presented with bands not of the same calibre or non exclusive bands at the lowest booking fees because the alternative band is paid less which is unfair for their services to get your business but the agency will still get their 100% commission and possibly more. Its all about benefiting the agent, then once you are booked the communication is much less. PBUSA, Party Bands USA Entertainment CEO is also an entertainer who was inspired to establish a legitimate booking agency on integrity with a sincere heart to satisfy you with quality services AND VALUE our entertainment.

Why would I consider PBUSA?

PBUSA | Party Bands USA Entertainment specializes in the DETAILS and VISIONS of flawless entertainment for luxury wedding celebrations, extravagant show productions of National Party Acts from 7 up to 33 outstanding performers, and specifically over many years of experience maintained the respect and referrals throughout the country of planners. venues, catering vendors, stylists, photographers, videographers, designers, CEO's Philanthropists, celebrities, Mayors, and many other reputable industry professionals. Our GEC | Global Entertainment Consultant the "Queen of Party Bands®" is the Ultimate Master Mind for selecting, customizing, arranging, organizing, styling, creating, choreography, producing, directing, and planning whatever you need for your wedding entertainment with over 30 years of experience working with economy and highend weddings such as : One of many elite clients is from Forbes Magazine top 40, Fortune 500 Companies. CEO of Big Time Productions, booked immediately less than 24 hours our eclectic Tayo Reed Explosion National Show Band with brass horns section that included saxophone, trombone and trumpet players, five power house singers, four females and one male singer, key board, guitar, bass, and drums, the rthythm section musicians three hours with no breaks for his daughter's luxury wedding. What maybe impossible "the Queen" make possible! What maybe stressful "The Queen" make sweatless! The Queen of Party Bands® is the best entertainment consultant who will personally walk you through, our process, give your clear understand and answers to all your questions. We have the top of the line partner wedding vendors, resources, and equippment needed for your special day to be spectacular! No other company in the world can offer you the Queen of Party Bands® Tayo Reed's expertise for your wedding entertainment. Tell us about your wedding details click here.

Can you provide me with all the different entertainment you offer for weddings?

Brides, families, guests, and event planners are pleased to know that, Party Bands USA is also your Talent Buyer, which means we can provide any type of entertainment you desire for your entire wedding needs. More options are provided when we discuss the type of experience and atmosphere you want to produce on your special day. Party Bands USA has an unlimited source of professional performers geographically; musicians, soloists, djs, bands of any size and can play all genres. With all the information we gather from you pertaining each area of your wedding entertainment we will recommend the best choice less than your budget. Party Bands USA will accommodate your;

  • engagement or rehearsal parties
  • ceremony,
  • cocktail hour,
  • reception, and
  • after party


How do I book the band or get a quote?

Easy, just click here to email us or you can give us a call. When we recieve your online inquiry or speak with you directly, we will receive all the information we need about your wedding in order to give you an accurrate quote. We will email a summary of the informaiton provided with a quote as quickly as possible. If the pricing is within your budget you can complete the contract, email back to us and include the deposit of 50% of the booking fee to reserve your date due when your return your signed contract. Booking Fees are not negiotable. However, if the the booking fee is not within your budget we have other bands we can present or variations as another option to accommodate your budget. I.W.E.P. is Highly recommended for Brides Consider our ( IWEP ) Installlment Wedding Entertainment Plan that helps brides book all their entertainment with (PBUSA) from engagement party, ceremony, reception, and after party or all inclusive band option if over your budget for selected bands. Tips are accepted but optional. After we receive your contract and deposit a questionnaire will be emailed to costumized your wedding entertainment. This questionnaire enables us to truly create you an impactful experience. It will be due 60 days before your wedding date.

Are the booking fees the only cost? Any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! Tips, additional time, singers, and musicians, are not required, optional. The booking fee is your only cost unless lodging is needed or you choose to add our optional services to enhance your wedding experience. When you book any band you will have an all inclusive special offer. Additional time can be purchased if you would like the band to play over time, optional. You provide your own stage. The dimensions will be in your contract. However, if you choose not to have a stage, its optional also. A stage simply enhances the live band impact. Majority of all brides do have a standard size stage during their wedding reception. All bands have a professional rider with standard requests that you will provide: 1.Standard private dressing rooms,one for the male band members and one for the female bands members, stocked with beverages and snacks. 2.Standard meal provided for the band at a designated time agreed upon by planner | bride and band manager or band leader. This is about it. We give our brides all their cost up front.

When is the best time to book the band?

Honestly, as soon as you find the band you love. Don't hesitate! The best bands are booked eight months up to a year in advance. If the band you requested is booked. No worries, we have exclusive and non exclusive bands for all budgets if the band you requested is no longer available. Our entertainment consultant will match you with the perfect party band.

What are your office hours?

Party Bands USA, booking agent is available 24/7 to assist you any time you need assistance, before, during and after the wedding. It is important to us that you can call any time to ask additional questions or for any other reason. We also have text available 24/7 for immediate responses when you have booked your entertainment.


Can I view your songlist and request songs?

Of course, you need to view our songlist to customize your wedding music. And yes, you can request any songs that you do not see on the list. The band will learn up to 2 additional songs. To view the songlist click here.

Where can I find your bookings fees on the website?

As a bride's source for all their wedding needs we can assist any bride no matter the budget. We work with brides from highend to brides with a modest budget. The booking fees are not list due to the following information that varies based on;

  • Location of event
  • Length of time
  • Additional services
  • Season; time of year
  • Day of event; weekend or weekday
  • Size of band
  • Non traditional set up requests
  • Non traditional contract requests
For example: A local wedding booking fees would be different than a wedding in Washington, DC or Dubai. The local wedding would not require travel fees and other requirements such as lodging that the other to locations would require. The travel to Washington and Dubai is also different, so the distance would cause for the booking fees to be not be the same. For example: A bride that request a DJ for the engagement party or rehearsal dinner, String quartet for tthe ceremony, and party band for the reception and after party, all inclusive separate groups for each wedding entertainment request, booking fees would be different than a bride request for the same party band to do all the entertainment. These are only some of the examples. Please dont hestitate to contact us regarding booking fees. Click here to inquire about your booking fee.

When do you arrive at my venue?

The arrival time is between 2 - 4 hours in advance. However, sometimes the band will request to arrive earlier if special load in is needed such as if the venue has steps, outside, or if the band has never been to the venue previously.

How do you arrive? What happens prior to the wedding starting?

We take pride in how our entertainment arrive representing your elegant wedding. Upon arrival your other wedding vendors are setting also up your beautiful dekor. Our musicians, singers and crew will be in upscale casual clothing with the band name. We think arriving with baseball caps, shorts, sweats, tennis shoes, scarfs, jeans, and being ungroomed even though the performers been traveling is in appropiate. We are professionals. Our job starts when the band drive up to the address of your venue, so when we arrive we will have the band manager meet the designated wedding planner to find out dressing and stage areas before everyone unloads, so when the band enters the venue they know exactly where to go without distrubing other vendors setting up or walking in prohibited areas unknowingly. When we have that information the band will all be at the stage setting up, once all equipment is loaded to the stage. Then sound check is next when all the equippment is arranged on the stage and hooked up properly. After sound check the band is in the dressing room or green room designated for the band. We are professionals that do not roam the venue and honor all areas you have requested for the entertainment not to enter. The band remains until dinner is served and the remaining of the time until the wedding. Your guests will not see your upscale wedding entertainment until it is time to start the big event. We start promptly on time. The male musicians approach the stage in tailored made tuxedos and female singers classy dresses. We make a grand entrance for you 1st setting the stage in style, while you are getting ready for your 2nd grand introduction of the night. We make sure our every move from start to finish is purposely flawless with you in mind every second of us being present to make your wedding day the best ever. Congratulations! Let's get started! Click here .


What if I have more questions?

That would be AWESOME! Give us a call now to speak with the Queen of Party Bands® our Global Entertainment Consultant. We understand you may need some additional information from us to make such an important decision for your wedding day. We want to service you in excellence. We are not pushy because we want you to feel very confident about the entertainment you will be hiring. We would be honored to provide what you need and want, but we also know that you may need to consultant your fiance or family before reserving your wedding music band or any other services. If you rather send us a quick email, simply click here. Thank you for your consideration.

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